Moving Your Outlook to a New Computer

If you have a new computer and need to move your Microsoft Outlook then here are two options to help you with the move. Option 1)  Microsoft makes a tool for backing up your outlook files. You would install it on both computers and then select backup. The tool is at : Option 2) […]

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The Top Video Cards On The Market

The top video cards that can be used in today’s computers can be easily found in many stores. Many of these cards will have different interfaces that are used and some will have high definition television compatibility. However, not all of the top video cards are going to be the same. The best of the […]

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How Can You Tell If Your Computer Is Bot Infected

A bot is an important thing that a computer uses when on the Internet. A bot is an application that works to run automated activities for maintenance and protection when the user is on the Internet. There are some instances of where bots can be dangerous. So, how can you tell if your computer is […]

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